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Author Topic: JammingJAY  (Read 2847 times)


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« on: December 16, 2007, 01:26:50 pm »

I'm a Lender started lending 02/07 after lurking here and the old forums for a bit over a month.
I like the concept of P2P lending, sadly the community side of Proser has vanished. My ROI is good so far here are my stats.



I keep a small amount of money on hand to lend to my group but my Group Leader has been suspended, coupled with the recent Email from Prosper unless something changes I'm done here. Zopa, LendingClub, Loanio and others are comming I'll try them.

What is your experience in P2P lending?
I like it. Good for Lenders and Borrowers.

How did you end up at tag line in old forums.

Where to do you live?
Tampa Bay FL.

What do you do?
Engineer, Flight Simulation.

Other Hobbies?
My LLC, investing for retirement. If I told you more you'd have to join in.  ;)

Thank You.


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The old rule has changed: it seems that people now do have a right not only to their own opinions, but to their own facts.

I'm now trysexual. The GLBT folks are so behind (no pun).
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