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« on: December 16, 2007, 04:00:54 pm »

What is your experience in P2P lending?
I read an article in the San Francisco Examiner one day and decided to go to the site because I always wanted to lend money to other people other than my relatives without needing a CA lender's license. I registered a few days later and then waited a month later to become a lender.

My experience has been pretty good and I hope it continues as long as possible and although I'm known as a big lender on each loan by looking at my profile on or I've changed my strategy for 2008. This may change in 2009 and beyond*. If Prosper lasts long enough to have an IPO on the stock market I'm going to pass on owning it unless the current management team is fired.

Why did you end up at
I wanted to know why a bunch of early lenders think something is up with Prosper.

Where to do you live?
San Leandro, CA in Northern California

What do you do, where do you work and when did you start working?
I'm was an IRS sub-contractor in Oakland, CA...that's all you need to know. I started working on August 4, 2008 and ended on May 4, 2012.

Other Hobbies?
Investing in stocks (NYSE/Nasdaq/AMEX/OTC), Watching UFC PPV events, NHRA-Ashley Force/Erica Enders/Angelle Sampey fan, CNBC-Fast Money fan (2pm PST), Computer geek.

Are you an outgoing person or not and why?
Last time I checked this site wasn't a dating service, please go somewhere else if you don't plan on using this site for it's intended purpose. Any other personal questions shall be directed to the FBI when they arrest you for stalking me.

Why did you decide to stop lending money, for the moment, on June 24, 2008?
The following listings became loans and are currently late, as soon as they become current I may change my mind:
1)Listing #174897 (Loan #17890) Borrower name: MEW20656 3 months late
2)Listing #160460 (Loan #17130) Borrower name: RadicalTechnologies 2 months late
3)Listing #174487 (Loan #17564) Borrower name: actionaire 1 month late

Are you completely done as a lender?
Yes, as of 8-18-2008 I am no longer going to lend even if they fix all their problems. It's a hopeless adventure that can't be fixed unless everyone in the company is fired and someone starts all over. As of 4-28-2009 I'm not allowed to be a lender anyway if I wanted to lend more than $2,500 because:
1)I have a net worth less than $200k
2)I have a net aggregate amount loaned that's above $2.5k.

Is there anyone you'd like to meet other than Islandmele and members in her group who are current on their loan?
« Last Edit: November 11, 2012, 05:16:14 pm by chameleon734 »
I use a different name on Steam and unless I know you IRL I won't add you as a friend on FB.
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