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Now that we have lots of forum members, and different personalities interacting, I suppose it's time to express a few rules/anti-rules. I will add things here as they emerge.


Information wants to be free, and the site owner doesn't believe there are any such things as "bad words". That doesn't mean everyone agrees of course. Also, remember that how you write will determine what others think of you and how they treat you in return.

  • If you find a particular user to be objectionable, you can select to ignore them by clicking on the "Ignore" button under their name, or visiting your "Profile" section.
  • If you would like to limit your exposure to unclean text, both here and on the internet at large, there are many fine greasemonkey scripts that can accomplish this feat.

Prohibited Content

  • Spam (automated or manual use of accounts for the purpose of posting unrelated commercial or crap links)
  • Click-through banners or links
  • Advertising, generally. If you are an established community member and you tastefully link to your business web site then you are probably OK. Be reasonable.

If you come here with spam, i.e. to drum up interest in your non-Prosper-related business opportunity etc., then you will get removed without warning.

Decisions about what is spam vs. allowed are made by this site's owner based on his own interpretation of what's reasonable. However, feel free to have polls or make suggestions to help set direction for this policy.