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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)


Do not share personally identifying information in chats!

What is IRC

IRC is a method of allowing many users to connect in a single locale. These users meet in a chat room, called a channel.


Client: The program you use to connect to an IRC network. If you are using the chat interface on this website, then you don't need a separate stand-alone program on your computer like mIRC. Many people prefer these real client programs though.

Channel: The location where users meet. A channel is preceeded with a pound symbol (#). Example: #prosper

Nick: The user name (aka nickname)

Topic: Discussion message in a channel Example:

Welcome to unofficial chat for Prosperians . . readme:

Private Message (aka query, msg, PM): A message that can only be seen between the two parties having this conversation. To initiate a PM, you can double-click on a nick or use the query or msg commands.

Status Window: The leftmost window - this is where any non-conversation data will show up. This will include any messages from IRC staff (very seldom). A user will also receive messages from the network services here.


All commands in IRC are preceeded by a slash (/). Any text with a slash in front of it will not be displayed in the channel window but instead evaluated by your client. You can override this by holding down Ctrl when you hit enter. (not sure how this works in the web interface)

General IRC

command usage example
/nick changes your nick /nick ProsperUser
/join joins a channel /join #prosper
/topic returns the topic of a channel /topic #prosper
/me emote /me enjoys talking to people using IRC
/ignore ignores another user /ignore ferrix
/unignore un-ignores someone previously ignored /unignore ferrix

Network Services

All service commands should be to /msg a certain user. Most clients recognize the short hand (/msg nickserv becomes /nickserv)

command usage example
/nickserv register registers your current nick on the network /nickserv register password email_address
/nickserv identify identify yourself to network services /nickserv identify password

for more information on services, use the service command followed by "help" (ex. /nickserv help)

Bot Specific


command What it does Parameters usage
!help Prints the general or specificy help menu none, command name !help, !help broadcasts
!broadcasts Prints out the last 5 listings announced on the channel none !broadcasts
!expiringlistings Prints the best expiring listings [filter]+ !expiredlistings 10
!todo Shows the ToDo list for the bot none !todo
!hotlistings Prints the best listings [af] number !hotlistings af 5
!loaninfo Prints information about a listing number !loaninfo 123
!loadloan Loads/Reloads the indicted listing number !loadloan 123


Channel Modes (assigned to users)

symbol rank what it means what it means for #prosper
! admin user can make any changes to the channel you will never see this use logged in
@ operator (op) user has the ability to enforce channel rules these people can authenticate others
% half op user has limited privledges user can change topic
+ voice user will not be squelched if channel becomes moderated We don't usually moderate the channel so.. it's just a decoration

If you would like to get voiced rank in #prosper, register your nick with nickserv then msg an op through IRC and Prosper to confirm you are who you say you are. You can also add a note in your Prosper profile saying you are who you say.

Channel Modes

symbol what it means what it means for #prosper
n no external messages allowed
r channel is registered
t topic lock - only channel staff (%,@,!) can change channel topic

#prosper Specific Information


Guardian - network bot - controls most channel activity and makes it easier to use the channel

DVDBot - dvd's bot - does Prosper-related tasks


  • Host:
  • Ports: 6667 (normal IRC)
    • 6443 (+SSL IRC)

Services available: ChanServ, NickServ, BotServ, HostServ


My nick changed suddenly about one minute after I connected to the chat. What's going on? Nickserv is a service that enforces nickname policies. If somebody has already registered the nick you are using, and you do not identify as the proper use for that nick, it will change your nick to a "guest nick." You can always change your nick to something that is not taken with the /nick command. You can also see if the nick you want is taken yet with the /nickserv info command.

This text will appear in your status window when you first connect if your nickname is taken.

[19:10:03] -NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected.  If it is your
[19:10:03] -NickServ- nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password.  Otherwise,
[19:10:03] -NickServ- please choose a different nick.
[19:10:03] -[[NickServ]]- If you do not change within one minute, I will change your nick.

If you have actually registered you nick with nickserv, you can identify to it with the command listed above. Afterwards this is what you will see.

[19:10:04] -NickServ- Password accepted - you are now recognized.

If you use mIRC, you can use the following script to automate this process.

  • Hit Alt-R to bring up the script editor, remote tab
  • Paste this script in.
  • Edit nickname and password to your registered nickname and password.
on *:NOTICE:please choose a different nick.:?:{
  if ((* !iswm $server) || ($nick != NickServ)) return
  if ($me == nickname) { .msg NickServ IDENTIFY password }

IRC Clients

Client Operating System Website
mIRC Windows
!ChatZilla Windows, Mac, Linux
Snak Mac