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Verified Lender Forums

Some site forums are reserved for lenders with $500 or more in loans.

Access Requirements
  • Have $500 or more in loans on
  • Have a userid on this site that matches your userid at If you have already registered here with another name, the moderators of this board can change your display name.
  • Request access and allow us to confirm that you are indeed a lender by the same name on Prosper. The most straight-foward way to do this is to :
    • put a note in your profile that says "Verified Identity",
    • post your request in the "Moderator Requests" forum. Also, please mention how you heard about this site, :)
    • Once you've been afforded access, you may undo the change to your profile.
If you prefer to request access some other way, please contact a moderator.  But your request will nevertheless be made public at the time of consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a lender, I just don't have $500 in loans yet. But I will soon. Can't I just have access now?
    • There is a "New Lenders" board just for you! You can communicate with everyone, get advice, or anything else you're looking for. Think of it like the kids' table, until your first $500 clears :)
  • Hey! There are users in the Verified Lender forums who don't have matching userids on!
    • Send the user a note requesting that they bring their userid in conformance with the access requirements. If the user does not comply in a reasonable timeframe (remember, they may be on holiday or not logging on to every day), then post an issue in the Moderator Requests forum where the mods may see and act on the issue. Most likely the member will lose access to the verified forums until their usernames are in compliance again.
  • I had more than $500 in loans on, but I have stopped lending and through withdrawals or defaults, my current loan amount is less than $500. Do I still qualify for access?
    • Interesting question. Why don't you post a thread somewhere and see what the user community think should happen?