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In your profile, you can ignore specific users, or entire boards. If you prefer not to see things you consider as "noise" instead of "signal", you can easily adjust these preferences for a better forum experience.


RSS Feed

The first thing I wanted to do when the forum came up was to integrate it into my RSS reader. If your reader is part of your browser, then this is quite easy. If you use the built-in Firefox RSS reader (Live Bookmarks) or like me prefer Sage then you can easily detect and add the RSS link right from the forum home page.

Um.. RSS?

OK right. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. it's a protocol kind of like HTTP except designed to be brief and list-based. If you have an "RSS reader" in your browser, you can collect "feeds" for sites you frequently visit. You refresh the reader, and it goes out to all your feeds and pulls a list of recently updated pages. Sound kind of familiar? It basically turns your whole internet experience into a "what's new since last visit" page :)

Neat, I want it

Getting started with RSS sounds a little convoluted on paper, but trust me, once you use it, your internet life will never be the same again. Here's how to go about it:

  1. Use firefox (what, you don't already? Really?)
  2. Get Sage
  3. Restart, and if the sage "bar" isn't shown on the left, then click the little sage leaf in the toolbar to show it.
  4. When you are visiting an awesome site (like the Prospers.ORG forum page) click the magnifying glass icon in the sage bar, which is entitled 'Discover Feeds'. It will show you a list of "feeds" it found on the current site. If it doesn't find any feeds, try looking for a link on the page called RSS or Feeds, or go to the Recent Changes page, like on our wiki here.
  5. Sometimes there will be a few feeds listed (RSS, Atom, different version numbers). You can experiment with different ones, but usually choosing the RSS 1.0 or 2.0 feed is fine.
  6. Once you are subscribed to some feeds, you click the 'Check feeds' icon in the sage bar, and sage will check all your sites for changes.
  7. Click on bold lines, and it will show a summary of new things on that site.
  8. When you catch up, you can click the little "3 checkmarks" icon in sage to mark that whole site as "read".
  9. Repeat as often as you like :)

Back to talking about THIS site

OK so, here are problems I ran into, and how to solve them.

  • It doesn't seem to show any of the Lender forums, even though you have access?
    • When you log in to the forum next time, select "Forever" as the duration to stay logged in. Then as long as your RSS reader is built-in to your browser, it will see the login cookie and send it to the forum when requesting the RSS feed. In short, it will show you all the boards and not just the "guest" ones.
  • It only shows FIVE entries, wth?

Lender Info

For user verification purposes, I wrote a greasemonkey script to launch and ericscc pages for a user when I control+click on their name link to the left of their post.

I just now realized that this might be useful to other people as well for their own purposes, so here it is. media:verify_assistant.user.txt