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Welcome to Prospers.ORG

This site was started as a community for users of, and other P2P lending sites. We are not affiliated with,, or any other P2P lending site in any way. offers various community facilities: discussion forums with various levels of access, and this wiki.

Discussion Forums! is the world’s largest independent community for those interested in peer-to-peer (p2p) finance, including Prosper Marketplace ( and LendingClub.

We provide free Prosper forums for lenders, borrowers, and groups. Please read ForumPolicies / ForumTips when you have a moment.

  • New users: Anyone can sign up; just go to the forum and register.
  • Lenders: To access lender-only forums, see HowToGetLenderAccess.
  • Group Leaders: We have a board for group leaders and lenders to correspond. If you are a GL, see HowToGetGroupLeaderAccess.
  • Groups: If you are a GL and want your own free forum for your members, just ask in Moderator Requests.

P2P Lending Blogs and Community Websites

Old and Archived Blogs

Prospers Wiki

This whole site is a wiki, which means anyone can add and edit the pages, once logged in. Please help make the community better by contributing to our wiki! Some useful pages:

  • Data: A collection of interesting charts, tables and other data about the Prosper borrowing/lending process.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs about Prosper borrowing, lending, groups and what have you.
  • Glossary: Terms and acronyms that may be found on Prosper, Prosper Discussion Forums, related third-party sites and, most likely through the laws of probability, an occasional entry familiar to the outside world.
  • Lawsuits: Information about Prosper Marketplace Inc. lawsuits against delinquent borrowers and other frauds discovered and prosecuted in the courts.
  • Lending Strategies: Summaries of Prosper lending in a broader context, bidding strategies, listing picker tools, books and games.
  • Prosper Directory: Contact information as collected by members of the Prosper community.
  • Prosper Statistics: A few graphs illustrating past lender activity along with some late/default data and paid loan statistics.
  • Prosper Stories: Stories about the ins-and-outs of Prosper.
  • Tools: Some useful tools to make your Prosper'ing more efficient.
  • Repurchased Loans: A survey of all loans repurchased by Prosper.
  • Web Sites: A collection of web sites and pages on those sites related to the Prosper borrowing/lending process.
  • Taxes: How to report your income and losses from Prosper on your tax forms.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.