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| [http://www.prosper.com/groups/member_screen_names.aspx?alt_key=35A63369988700194F19DC7 nbnlb100]
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Prosper Contact Information

This page has been modified to categorize information more specifically. There is a section for #GeneralContactInformation General Contact Information, a section for #CurrentProsperEmployees Current Prosper Employees, and a section containing known information for #ExEmployees ex Prosper Employees.


General Contact Information

Phone numbers:

  • Main Corporate Number: (415) 362-7272, (415) 593-5400
  • Main Customer Support: (800) 208-0103 (9am - 6pm PT, M-F)
  • Lender Priority Support: (877) 646-5922 (9am - 6pm PT, M-F)
  • Direct number for Lenders:
  • Direct Number for Borrowers:

Email Addresses:

support@prosper.com forums@prosper.com lenders@prosper.com feedback@prosper.com compliance@prosper.com

Known Mailing addresses:


Current Prosper Employees

Name Job Title Phone Number E-Mail address Prosper identity Prosper Group
Monica Appelbe Public Relations pr@prosper.com
Lizzy Bennett Marketing Communications Manager (415) 593-5460 lizzy@prosper.com
Jill Bouchard HR and Office Manager
Tim Bright Customer Support Manager (415) 593-5413 tbright@prosper.com
Carin Castillo Director, Creative Services
Clark Cole QA Lead Engineer
Ryan Davanzo Sr. Software Engineer
Chris Denend CTO
Adam Edell Sr. Software Engineer aedell@prosper.com
Cameron Fleischer Lending Account Manager (877) 646-5922
Frances Ford Accountant & Notary http://www.linkedin.com/in/francesford
Tiffany Fox Communications Director (415) 593-5416 tiffany@prosper.com tfox@prosper.com
Doug Fuller VP Operations (415) 593-5459 dfuller@prosper.com
Edward Giedgowd General Counsel (415) 593-5418 ed@prosper.com compliance@prosper.com
Kirk Inglis Chief Financial Officer kirk@prosper.com heavy_ax
Michael Kepe Software Architect
Casey Ketterling Sr. Software Engineer http://www.linkedin.com/pub/4/512/392
Chris Larsen CEO, Co-founder chris@prosper.com clarsen@prosper.com Anton SF State Teaching Credentials
Robin Lindberg Controller
John Lucena VP, Technical Services jlucena@prosper.com
Julie Linn Dir of Compliance http://www.linkedin.com/pub/1/a93/aa1
Bryan Maas Lender Services Manager (415) 593-5403 sfbay Small Business Network
Andrew Martinez-Fonts Product Manager, Forum Moderator (415) 593-5425 Fax:(415) 362-7233 Cell:(415) 860-0131 Hm: (415) 923-0307 Hfx: (419) 828-5725 Andrew@prosper.com amf@stanfordalumni.org AMF Catholic Young Adults of San Francisco
Kent Matson Risk Account Specialist http://www.linkedin.com/pub/7/422/862
S. Catherine Muriel Chief Marketing Officer
Reagan Murray Financial Analyst
Adrienne Penake VP of Business Development (415) 593-5440 apenake@prosper.com
Tom Pigoski VP, Technical Operations & Security (415) 593-5427 tomp UF Rugby Old Boys
Ron Pugh Director, Network Operations rpugh@prosper.com IOWA 914 Restorers Group
Jonathan Russell Sr. Software Engineer jrussell@prosper.com
Nancy Satoda Credit Officer nsatoda@prosper.com
Dylan Swift Internet Marketing
Tom Underdown Lender Services Manager (415) 593-5453 ((415) 362-7233 fax) tunderdown@prosper.com
Vivek Venugopal Systems Administrator
unknown Borrower on listing 324254 anu_poo The IITD Group



Name Job Title Phone Number E-Mail address Prosper identity Prosper Group
Karen Appleton (left 3?/07) VP, Business Dev. Cell 650-520-5000 appleton3@msn.com [1] style="vertical-align: top"
Brian Bosen Forum Mod? style="vertical-align: top"
Goldie Chan (at Cyworld, Inc. as of 1/7/08) Community Marketing Manager goldie@prosper.com
Rob Klapper (left July 2007) Chief Marketing Officer nbnlb100 style="vertical-align: top"
Shira Levine Director, Community Marketing (415) 593-5422 Cell:(408) 930-3818 shira@prosper.com slevine@prosper.com Lil' Miss Lagniappe Bontemps Roulez!
John Witchel Co-founder jwitchel@prosper.com john@prosper.com jwitchel Bay Area Entrepreneurs