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Prosper Contact Information

This page has been modified to categorize information more specifically. There is a section for #GeneralContactInformation General Contact Information, a section for #CurrentProsperEmployees Current Prosper Employees, and a section containing known information for #ExEmployees ex Prosper Employees.


General Contact Information

Phone numbers:

  • Main Corporate Number: (415) 362-7272, (415) 593-5400
  • Main Customer Support: (800) 208-0103 (9am - 6pm PT, M-F)
  • Lender Priority Support: (877) 646-5922 (9am - 6pm PT, M-F)
  • Direct number for Lenders:
  • Direct Number for Borrowers:

Email Addresses:

Known Mailing addresses:


Current Prosper Employees

Name Job Title Phone Number E-Mail address Prosper identity Prosper Group
Monica Appelbe Public Relations
Lizzy Bennett Marketing Communications Manager (415) 593-5460
Jill Bouchard HR and Office Manager
Tim Bright Customer Support Manager (415) 593-5413
Carin Castillo Director, Creative Services
Clark Cole QA Lead Engineer
Ryan Davanzo Sr. Software Engineer
Chris Denend CTO
Adam Edell Sr. Software Engineer
Cameron Fleischer Lending Account Manager (877) 646-5922
Frances Ford Accountant & Notary
Tiffany Fox Communications Director (415) 593-5416
Doug Fuller VP Operations (415) 593-5459
Edward Giedgowd General Counsel (415) 593-5418
Kirk Inglis Chief Financial Officer heavy_ax
Michael Kepe Software Architect
Casey Ketterling Sr. Software Engineer
Chris Larsen CEO, Co-founder Anton SF State Teaching Credentials
Robin Lindberg Controller
John Lucena VP, Technical Services
Julie Linn Dir of Compliance
Bryan Maas Lender Services Manager (415) 593-5403 sfbay Small Business Network
Andrew Martinez-Fonts Product Manager, Forum Moderator (415) 593-5425 Fax:(415) 362-7233 Cell:(415) 860-0131 Hm: (415) 923-0307 Hfx: (419) 828-5725 AMF Catholic Young Adults of San Francisco
Kent Matson Risk Account Specialist
S. Catherine Muriel Chief Marketing Officer
Reagan Murray Financial Analyst
Adrienne Penake VP of Business Development (415) 593-5440
Tom Pigoski VP, Technical Operations & Security (415) 593-5427 tomp UF Rugby Old Boys
Ron Pugh Director, Network Operations IOWA 914 Restorers Group
Jonathan Russell Sr. Software Engineer
Nancy Satoda Credit Officer
Dylan Swift Internet Marketing
Tom Underdown Lender Services Manager (415) 593-5453 ((415) 362-7233 fax)
Vivek Venugopal Systems Administrator
unknown Borrower on listing 324254 anu_poo The IITD Group



Name Job Title Phone Number E-Mail address Prosper identity Prosper Group
Karen Appleton (left 3?/07) VP, Business Dev. Cell 650-520-5000 [1]
Brian Bosen Forum Mod?
Goldie Chan (at Cyworld, Inc. as of 1/7/08) Community Marketing Manager
Rob Klapper (left July 2007) Chief Marketing Officer nbnlb100
Shira Levine Director, Community Marketing (415) 593-5422 Cell:(408) 930-3818 Lil' Miss Lagniappe Bontemps Roulez!
John Witchel Co-founder jwitchel Bay Area Entrepreneurs