My experience b2evolution 2010-04-24T03:33:46Z still sucks bamalucky 2009-08-13T23:26:10Z 2009-08-13T23:26:10Z Heads up to the new lenders out there. Read before you "invest" a penny.

I'm still alive bamalucky 2009-05-08T02:23:23Z 2009-05-08T02:26:31Z But blogging is boring.

I quit the Prosper Class Action lawsuit bamalucky 2009-01-06T19:38:45Z 2009-01-06T19:39:46Z Today i formally requested that my name be taken off any class action lawsuit initiated by Phillip Kim, Esq.
The Rosen Law Firm, P.A.350 5th Avenue, Suite 5508
New York, New York 10118

The lawyer asked me to stop discussing the lawsuit.Even the parts that are public information found on court websites.
He seems distressed that threads on were discussing the fees his firm could possibly collect.

I was commenting about Prosper long before he was around & have no intention of having my voice silenced.I honored his requests that private confidential lawsuit details remain private.

I think he's afraid some other ambulance chaser will piggyback & get a few class members.

Class action lawsuit against Prosper Marketplace Inc bamalucky 2008-11-26T22:15:00Z 2008-11-26T22:15:00Z To participate in the class action lawsuit against Prosper contact
Phillip Kim, Esq.
The Rosen Law Firm, P.A.
350 5th Avenue, Suite 5508
New York, New York 10118
tel: (212) 686-1060

I am one of 3 named lead plaintiffs.

SEC steps in on Prosper bamalucky 2008-11-25T15:05:32Z 2008-11-25T15:05:32Z Prosper operates an online lending platform connecting borrowers with lenders. The loan notes issued by Prosper pursuant to this platform are securities and Prosper, from approximately January 2006 through October 14, 2008, violated Sections 5(a) and (c) of the Securities Act, which prohibit the offer or sale of securities without an effective registration statement or a valid exemption from registration.

Prosper borrower email about Bankruptcy bamalucky 2008-10-22T18:12:20Z 2008-10-22T18:12:20Z Hello,

My name is Laura. In March of 2007, you bid on my loan (
I want to thank you for the faith that you put, but it is with much
regret that I must tell you that I am declaring bankruptcy.

wanted to let everyone know. I expect that this is going to come as
unwelcome news, but I felt it was best to tell everyone personally
before you heard it from Prosper. I will not offer any excuses or
reasons, as I feel that that is probably not important to you. I will
just say that times are rough for everyone right now, including me. I
have contacted all of my creditors, including Prosper, to see if they
could work with me on refinance or a deferment, but I have not been
successful in obtaining any such help. I am not faulting anyone for my
situation except myself; I listened to bad advice, and made poor
choices with my credit, but in the end it was still my choice to take
the advice. I wish there was another way, but I am at my wits end, and
I cannot do it anymore.

I sincerely apologize,

Prosper deletes everything! bamalucky 2008-10-21T18:35:54Z 2008-10-21T18:35:54Z What a shame.Once again to quell dissent,Prosper deletes all info under the guise of quiet period.Remving info submitted by users is a pathetic lame attempt to delete history once again.Those of the newer people to Prosper may not realize there was an old forum with 400,000 posts that they completely took down.


I guess Prosper is afraid the SEC will find out about some of the shady things they do. 

Prosper is dead to lenders bamalucky 2008-10-15T13:29:45Z 2008-10-15T13:29:45Z Anyone want to venture a guess how many loans Prosper will fund with their own money? If they ever reopen,it will be a shell of their former self.


Good riddance to bad rubbish.!