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Author Topic: Xraider  (Read 2919 times)


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« on: December 16, 2007, 12:06:05 pm »


I'm a former lender, still hoping against hope that Prosper will improve collections and transparency so I will once again be a current lender.  Funny thing; last night husband and I were talking about Prosper and he told me how glad he was that I've stopped lending.

I live in Los Angeles.  Wife, mom, lawyer.

I loaned about $3200 over 58 loans; 5 have paid off, 1 is 3+ months late (a clean E, before expanded credit), 2 are 1+ late (one a clean A and one I should have known better on but he was a forum regular who tried and tried and TRIED and tried).  50 are current, but I'm curious about what the next 2 months will bring.
Prosper missed me.  They lifted my suspension a day early.
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