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Author Topic: MtnChick  (Read 2893 times)


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« on: December 16, 2007, 03:10:36 pm »

Collector of pugs and surgical scars.

Originally notified by someone about P-----r who I deal with in another industry (yeah, that one - though we each make about 5% of our income from there it was berry, berry good to us for a while....). Invested around $30K, realized what horrible business decisions they make and can't pull out fast enough (this is not in reference to previous industry).

Right now still playing with RE though I just got some bad news from a neighbor who had an equity appraisal come back WAY low. Some idiot on the lake sold at a loss to get rid of his house the renters (deputies, no less) trashed and the other 3 houses are new and aren't included in comparisons. Bleh.

Live in a log cabin in the God's Country - the N. GA mountains.

More importantly, I am THE YPF.
Classic comment from Urbi to a poster who said they were leaving:

"Once again, we note that your threats are hollow and you come across like a sad, lonely blowhard.

I doubt anyone here gives a shit about you.  We pretty much all know that you are a vile and unethical parasite of a human being with an abnormal craving for attention."
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