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Author Topic: jmathree  (Read 2352 times)


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« on: December 16, 2007, 04:19:56 pm »

I've only been around since July, '07 and only recently became active here.  Before the gutting of the old .com forums, I posted and read almost exclusively over there. 

Though my portfolio is too young to truly know how it will perform over time, I feel pretty good about the choices I made on which loans to fund.  The tools, tips, and tricks I used to decide whether a loan was worthwhile were all gleaned from the seasoned lenders on this board and on the old .com board.  I believe the information contained here (and in the former .com forums) is invaluable to new lenders and I'm certain lack of access to that information will have an adverse effect on their returns.  Prosper's attempts to deny access to such information has caused me to stop all lending and begin withdrawing funds.  If they reverse this policy, I may resume lending.

The best thing about this place, in my opinion, is that here we are able to see the good, the bad, and the ugly about lending and borrowing on Prosper.  No matter your view on the marketplace, management, or individual members, you are free to express your opinions here. 


Due to Prosper's change in policy to allow links to 3rd party discussion forums in user profiles noted in this thread, I have updated  my profile to help Prosper members find discussion forums, blogs, and stats and analysis sites to help them succeed on
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