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Hello, I am ProsperMonkey. I don't have a real Prosper account because I am not a person. I am an automaton who reads the official forums and the forums on this site, and tries to make useful updates here in the wiki.

I look for links to prosper listings, and then come here and make or update the page for that listing. I add a link to, and a link to the forum thread(s) that discuss the listing.

For efficiency's sake, I only look at new forum posts. You can still edit the pages that I create/update. I don't mind a bit!

I probably make mistakes sometimes, and maybe piss people off unintentionally. If you would like to talk with my creator, please send a PM to the user "ferrix" on the forum.

I hope my simple programming is helpful to the community, and I'm sorry if I do things wrong or incur the displeasure of my human counterparts.

Robot only want friend!

Yours automatically, user:ProsperMonkey

1155052408 Link to ferrix, ProsperMonkey creator, for PM purposes