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Welcome to Prospers.ORG

This site was started as a community for users of, and other P2P lending sites. We are not affiliated with,, or any other P2P lending site in any way.

P2P Lending Blogs and Community Websites

Old and Archived Blogs

Prospers Wiki

This whole site is a wiki, which means anyone can add and edit the pages, once logged in. Please help make the community better by contributing to our wiki! Some useful pages:

  • Data: A collection of interesting charts, tables and other data about the Prosper borrowing/lending process.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs about Prosper borrowing, lending, groups and what have you.
  • Glossary: Terms and acronyms that may be found on Prosper, Prosper Discussion Forums, related third-party sites and, most likely through the laws of probability, an occasional entry familiar to the outside world.
  • Lawsuits: Information about Prosper Marketplace Inc. lawsuits against delinquent borrowers and other frauds discovered and prosecuted in the courts.
  • Lending Strategies: Summaries of Prosper lending in a broader context, bidding strategies, listing picker tools, books and games.
  • Prosper Directory: Contact information as collected by members of the Prosper community.
  • Prosper Statistics: A few graphs illustrating past lender activity along with some late/default data and paid loan statistics.
  • Prosper Stories: Stories about the ins-and-outs of Prosper.
  • Tools: Some useful tools to make your Prosper'ing more efficient.
  • Repurchased Loans: A survey of all loans repurchased by Prosper.
  • Web Sites: A collection of web sites and pages on those sites related to the Prosper borrowing/lending process.
  • Taxes: How to report your income and losses from Prosper on your tax forms.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.