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Author Topic: MOVED: Prosper Lenders’ Legal Counsel Issues Formal Notice - Moves to Preserve Evidence  (Read 2359 times)


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This topic has been moved to Lenders - General.

This topic is about a letter that a group of lenders is sending to Prosper communicating their intent to sue Prosper.

Continuing to put "P2PLA"s stuff in the lobby implies (perhaps without intent) that the entire community or this sites owners have some stake in this legal thing, but thats not the case.

To the original poster(s): My intent with this move is not censorship, only delineation.  A better place to publish this kind of letter, commentary, and ongoing saga would be your blog (hosted here or elsewhere) or a dedicated site for your group.

To all: Discussion on this and all other Prosper-related topics is expected and still welcome. 
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