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This is a collection of interesting charts, tables and other data about the Prosper borrowing/lending process. Feel free to add your own findings here.

Conclusion: Loans are going late at rates which extrapolate to defaults at 2.5x to 5x the Experian historical figures. All extrapolation is speculative, but I feel confident in saying at this point that Prosper's default rates will be more than 2x the Experian numbers. If this is correct, a great many lenders will lose money. - pninen


Here's a version of this chart where each month's loans are slid to the left to make the horizontal axis days since beginning of loan origination month instead of date. This allows you to visually compare the slopes of these curves more easily. Note that we now have the first data point at 425 days (ie 14 months). 14 months is the first data point which contains data from 12 months (ie 1 year) of borrower nonpayment events. (First payment is due after 1 month, and is recognized as "1+ late" after another mont has passed, so there is a 2 month lag.)