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["MustardTree" MustardTree membership requirements:]

["MustardTree" 1. All Homeowners with a credit rating of “E” or higher are automatically accepted without any other restrictions.]

["MustardTree" or Meet all of the following 3 requirements:]

["MustardTree" 1.Credit history older than 5 years.]

["MustardTree" 2.Credit rating of "C" or higher.]

["MustardTree" 3.Credit profile shows “Amount Delinquent” is less than $2,000.]

["MustardTree" * Monthly gross / net income must be included in loan request listing & verifiable.]

["MustardTree" * " Public records last 12m/10y" greater than 0 / 0 must have a good explanation included in loan request listing.]

["MustardTree" * $350 MustardTree bid will be given to any member offering over 12% interest.]

["MustardTree" * Listing must run the ENTIRE time allocated after 100% funding. Do NOT close early.]

Following link takes you to listings currently posted with MustardTree:

Be Great and have a blessed day. Dan