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Prosper Marketplace, Inc. Lawsuits

Welcome to the Unofficial Prosper Lawsuits Database. Here you'll find as much relevant information about all the lawsuits Prosper Marketplace, Inc has brought against fraudulent and/or defaulted borrowers.

New Agency Test (NAT) Lawsuits

This is the common name for the 66 loans repurchased in March 2008. See more info and status updates NewAgencyTest.

Victoria Crawford Loans

These are 10 loans that were re-purchased by Prosper under their ID Theft Guarantee. A Prosper lender, PoloniusNot is most widely credited for discovering these 10 and discussed this information on the (now defunct) Prosper forums. The forum thread has been archived on These were all repurchased by Prosper in April, 2007.

["Lawsuits/VictoriaCrawford" Victoria Crawford page]

Jessica Wolcott

She was never sued by Prosper however she did try to get a loan there. You can read more on ["user_JessM" her page].