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Here are a listing of tools lenders might find useful. All software is presented as is, with no implied warranty/liability. Use at your own risk.

For the following scripts, you might need to change your browser. It's worth it, trust us. Here are the instructions for getting started:


Google Chrome

Use Chrome extension Prosperity

Mozilla Firefox

  • Use Mozilla Firefox as a browser (I've tested older versions, 1.0.7 works)

Once you install GreaseMonkey, you will need to close and then restart Firefox. Once this is done, open any of the files in the list below.

A bar will appear at the top of the screen, indicating that you've found a valid GreaseMonkey script.


Click 'Install' to install.

Note: GreaseMonkey is a very powerful tool. Be careful with the scripts you download/install. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of the script, confirm with author first.



  • Scripts to import Prosper data into MySQL (for Linux or similar systems): media:myproimport-0.0.tgz
  • ProsperMonkey source code
  • [javascript:void(0);/*1226677305691*/ Online Calculator for secondary market]


  • 12/11/2007 (Originally Added on 02/17/2007) : media:Prosper_XIRR_and_Loan_Age.xls - This Spreadsheet has two pages. Page #1 uses money transfer dates, current account value, and the value of late loans to calculate optimistic and pessimistic XIRRs. Page #2 uses loan origination dates and amounts to calculate the average age of a portfolio. - Created by Xenon481. Updated on 12/11/2007 to include Recovery and Debt Sale rates.
  • 04/14/2007: To set up your own spreadsheet or read related information, you might check out message thread Calculating Return On Investment (annualized) using Excel XIRR. - Creaded by Mark12547.


These scripts are older, and mostly relevant for the old wikispaces wiki.